FDA Registration

FDA 510 (K)s

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determines and regulates the status and classification of all medical devices that are sold in the United States. Individuals and companies cannot, of themselves, determine if their device is medical or non-medical, nor can they decide what classification, if any, a device falls into.

BioMeridian, located in Draper, Utah, is the world’s leading manufacturer of Meridian Stress Assessment Systems (MSAS). Each BioMeridian is FDA registered as a Galvanic Skin Response, Class II medical device, manufactured under FDA good manufacturing policies. BioMeridian has been manufacturing and distributing MSA equipment for more than 10 years and has thousands of practitioners throughout the world who utilize this unique and innovative technology.

The FDA has not evaluated these statements. EAV testing or anything talked about on this website is not a medical diagnosis, treatment or cure. Consult your Physician for medical advise.