Food Allergy Testing

Using Biofeedback
Allergy / Sensitivity / Intolerance Testing

Chicken Noodle SoupBioMeridian testing uses biofeedback which identifies what sensitivities, intolerance, deficiencies and excessive levels of substances your body may have which maybe responsible for producing health problems such as sinus congestion, digestive disorders, joint and muscle pain, ADD/ADHD, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other symptoms.

BioMeridian testing is FDA registered, and is performed on people of all ages. It is a safe, non-invasive painless procedure. You will be seated comfortably in a chair and asked to hold a brass tube connected to a computer. A stylus (much like a pen) is also connected to the computer and will be placed on meridian points located on your hands to measure your body stimulus response to specific items selected from the library. Each item selected to be tested will be measured and recorded in the computer. When testing is fininshed the selected items are printed in a color-coded easy to understand take-home report detailing the level of each item tested.

Based on a study by the University of Hawaii, the BioMeridian allergy test had the highest degree of compatibility with a food re-challenge test when compared to other means of assessing allergies. A food re-challenge is where you avoid a particular food for a period of a few weeks and then reintroduce it into the diet to see if the body has a normal reaction or is sensitive or allergic. 300 double blind tests we used comparing allergy diagnostic tools to history, and the BioMeridian proved to be more accurate than skin testing (where an antigen is placed on the skin, and the skin is pricked to see whether or not a histamine response is observed) or RAST test (a test measuring specific IgE antibodies in blood serum) (Lehman, C.W.: The Leukocytic Food Allergy Test: A Study of Its Reliability and Reproducibility. Effect of Diet and Sublingual Food Drops On This Test. Ann. Allerg., 45:150-158, 1980).

Find out if you have a sensitivity to gluten, dairy, soy, or other allergens your body may be reacting to. Knowing what foods you should be eating and what foods to avoid develops the body’s own ability to heal resulting in a healthy state. Why wait? Call today 303-257-0058 and ask Trish for more information on this accurate painless way to get some answers and develop a long term easy to follow health plan. Information is power, personalized information is priceless. 303-257-0058

Food Sensitivity Testing is $195 and takes approximately 1 hour. The Physics of Health is located close to I-25 and Colorado Blvd with free parking. Office hours are by appointment and include some evenings and Saturday’s for your convenience. Call Trish at 303-257-0058 to set your appointment today.

Testimonials ~

“The BioMeridian food sensitivity testing has helped me identify foods that were migraine headache triggers. I haven’t had any migraines since stopping the foods that came up on my report. I love onions and ate some one night, which was one of the foods to avoid according to my testing, and I did get a migraine. This testing has been extremely valuable to me as I’ve had migraines since high school.” D.T. Conifer, Colorado

“My son’s asthma is gone, as long as we stay away from the foods the BioMeridian testing pin pointed. It’s amazing how certain foods can cause certain reactions.” R.K. Arvada, Colorado

“Certain foods were affecting my concentration, mood and energy. After the biofeedback testing, I now know what to stay away from. My energy is so much better, I feel better overall and can concentrate better. Thank you for this excellent information that will help me for many years to come.” E.R. Englewood, Colorado

“After some years of abnormal tooth decay and my 9 year old son being the shortest in the class, I did some research into gluten sensitivity and discovered his symtoms fit. I had him tested with the biofeedback Biomeridian and found he did have a gluten sensitivity and also discovered the other foods that didn’t balance on his system. Now he’s so much better. His color is better, and he’s grown 4 inches in 11 months! His adult teeth are coming in fine with no decay and his energy is where a 9 year old’s should be. Thank you! Thank you!” K.D. Centennial, Colorado

The FDA has not evaluated these statements. BioMeridian testing or anything talked about on this website is not a medical diagnosis, treatment or cure. Consult your Physician for medical advise.