Gratitude Creates Better Health

Gratitude Creates Better Health

This Thanksgiving stop and really think about everything you have to be thankful for. Most everyone says they have a lot to be grateful for but have difficulty really embracing the feeling of gratitude.

Try making a list, it takes a few minutes but brings awareness to what matters most in life. It also brings clarity by appreciating and wanting what we have.

Some of the health benefits are:

A more positive mental outlook – Feeling grateful brings about changes in brain chemistry that affect emotions creating a better sense of well-being.

Better relationships with family and friends – Gratitude for family and friends enhances feelings of love and appreciation. Taking our cherished ones for granted is an enemy to healthy relationships.

Immune system booster – Optimists typically are grateful people and have higher numbers of blood cells that help boost the immune system. I’ve not met a pessimist who was big on gratitude, have you?

Reduces stress – Feeling grateful can replace feelings of being a victim, or “I’ll be happy when.” Not having negative feelings reduces stress. Many scientist have said, happy thoughts make happy (brain) chemicals. Sad thoughts make sad chemicals. So keep your thoughts positive. We are all responsible for the type energy we create, so create some good energy.

Better Sleep – Happier less stressed people sleep better.

Every Thanksgiving our family and friends go around the table and everyone shares what they’re thankful for. (I love listening to what the kids are thankful for). Every year it’s inspiring to hear gratitude for very simple things to life altering events. This is a Thanksgiving ritual I treasure each year as it helps me to be clear on what’s really important.

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