Supplement Testing

How do you know if you’re taking the right supplements for your body?

Assorted pillsHow many supplements should you be taking? When should you take supplements?

Now there’s a concise answer with biofeedback testing. It’s easy and non-invasive, just bring in all the supplements you are taking and any protein powders or protein bars you may be using. Each supplement is placed on the test plate and gives a reading showing if it weakens, stresses, or balances on your system. At the end all the supplements are tested together to make sure the combination works for your body.

Get optimal results and clear answers on what really works for you and what doesn’t. When someone is taking many supplements, it’s difficult to know what is helping and what may be hindering health.

Often, when doing supplement testing the client is surprised to see what vitamin, mineral, anti-oxident, herbs, probiotics or other health enhancers are actually weakening or stressing their system. It’s not uncommon to hear, “that’s suppose to be so good for you and I haven’t been feeling well lately since I started taking that.” or “I’ve been taking that multi vitamin for years and I’ve wondered about it recently.” or “Now I know how many to take of each supplement, I thought I only needed one fish oil per day. It’s good to know I really need three.”

I had a new client who recently developed high blood pressure. When testing her multi vitamin we found it stressed her system. After stopping that particular multi vitamin her blood pressure returned to normal. We found another multi that balanced and she was extremely happy she had tested what she was taking.

Supplement testing alone is $65

Supplement testing is included in the complete 2 hour testing for $185, which also includes food sensitivity testing, meridian assessment and balancing.

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