The best part is hearing what our clients are saying:

Trish Watson has been an answer to prayer. Through her extensive testing she was able to tell me what organs in my body were stressed. She put me on supplements for my adrenals and gave me a diet plan for my yeast infection. I have not been sleeping well at night but since I saw Trish my sleep has improved immensely. There is absolutely no guess work as to how many supplements I need to take for my specific body type. Her testing is truly state of the art and I will always go to Trish for my health and nutritional needs. Thanks to Trish I also learned the great importance of ionic foot baths. I would not go to anyone else she is the best. *Results may vary

Laura T. Parker, CO
I am feeling great - my body is no longer aching, I am sleeping better and I can't remember the last time I had a hot flash :) Life is good! Thank you again for all you have done for myself and my daughter. It must be nice to be in a profession where you can substantially improve the quality of life of your clients. You are a godsend to me, that's for sure! *Results may vary

Robin M. Englewood, CO
Trish, I once again wanted to thank you. Ever since the candida diet and long-term diet change my health has been amazing. I never knew I could regularly feel this good. Much appreciated for your help. (*Results may vary.)

Karl O. Chicago, IL.
You have made an amazing difference with my 10 yr. old son Sean. Before we identified his gluten sensitivity he was the shortest boy in his class, his coloring almost always seemed pale and his energy was low. Since the testing we now know the foods he needs to avoid, especially gluten and he has a new respect for sugar. I'm thrilled to tell you that he grew over 4 inches in six months, gained weight, has color in his cheeks and has much better energy; enough to play baseball! Thank you! I'm telling everyone about you! (*Results may vary.)

Kelly D. Centennial, CO
I want to emphasis my gratitude for getting me on a great path to healing. The nutritional advice and supplements you provided made an astounding and immediate positive impact in every aspect of my overall feeling of mental, spiritual and physical well being. (*Results may vary.)

Pat S. Golden, CO
Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so effected my body that I had to take a medical disability from my career as a police officer. I was also running a low grade fever everyday for six years. No one could figure it out or help me. The EAV testing revealed the source of my problems. The afternoon fevers are gone! The chronic fatigue and fibromyagia are manageable and improving daily. Thank you so much for giving me back my healthy life. (*Results may vary.)

Roberta C. Denver, CO
When I first came in for the EAV testing I was leaning on a cane. My daughter urged me to come in and see if I could get some help. I had no energy and my arthritis was causing constant pain. Now I feel wonderful, no longer use the cane and my arthritis is under control. My kids can't believe the difference in my energy. (*Results may vary.)

Lynn P. Littleton, CO
Since I was sixteen, migraine headaches have been a huge problem. Over the years, I've taken numerous medications and had little to no relief. My latest doctor said I would just have to live with the headaches. So I went to see Trish for EAV testing. She found what foods I was eating that were actually causing the migraines. After taking and completing the supplement program and not eating certain foods, I'm migraine free. This is incredible since I suffered for over twenty years with no relief. I highly recommend Trish and EAV testing to anyone. (*Results may vary.)

Sally L. Greenwood Village, CO
For years, I tried many things to find out why I had constant fatigue. I finally tried EAV testing and Trish made a huge difference in my energy. I feel good and I'm getting better all the time. *Results may vary

Peter P. Centennial, CO
I was in a cycle of going to the emergency room every weekend and then feeling better by Tuesday. I was extremely ill and no one could figure out what was wrong. Trish found that I had parasites and candida with the EAV testing. After that, everything improved with the protocol used to combat these issues. Today I'm completely healthy with more energy that I can remember. (*Results may vary.)

Thank you so much! Millie W. Centennial, CO
Following knee surgery, I began experiencing unexplained digestive distress, chronic dermatitis, an overactive bladder, and difficulty sleeping. During a 3-year search for answers, I sought advice from MD's, an allergist, 3 dermatologists, and 4 naturopaths with minimal success. Among all the health practitioners I saw, Trish Watson, was the one who helped me regain my health. With the help of biofeedback technology, Trish was able to pinpoint the causes of my symptoms, as well as, determine the best remedies for my unique physical needs. I am happy to say I once again enjoy good health thanks to Trish's expertise and caring nature. (Note: Results may vary)

Cindy I., Castle Rock, CO